Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver Riots: A Black Eye on Canada, again.

Zero sympathy for this guy.

Vancouver has done it again people, in 94 they did it, and unsurprisingly enough, they did it again. Citizens going wild tearing apart the city, rioting over a stupid hockey game.

And yes, I DID say stupid hockey game.

Vancouver should lose their team for this. I know, let's move them to Atlanta. They lost their team, and they didn't tear up their city over it.


Please, citizens of Vancouver, if you have photos of the people who are doing this to you and your city, pass them along to the police, post them on sites requesting you do this. Get your city back from these idiots.

Best line of the night courtesy of @bkidney courtesy of someone else on Facebook:

"I heard the Vancouver Police are sending out Thomas to stop the riots. He stopped everything else."


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