Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Frustration for the basics.

Has anyone out there had to deal with someone who was supposed to do something, and then in turn after a short while of doing what they are supposed to, their effort level slips? Suddenly, every so slightly, things start getting more difficult for you and your daily routines because of it?

Then you are presented with the situation that everyone dreads. What to do? Do you speak up to this person, possibly change your relationship with this person, or even ruin it? Or leave it, as the ever present issue grows and grows? Your daily routines that require this person to be doing said thing gets affected more adversely as each day and week passes?

Granted, this sounds far more dramatic than it actually is, but man, it is awful to be in the situation. If you hadn't guessed, I am in this situation now. (Surprise!) It's with someone who I do like quite a bit (aside: no dear, lovely wife, it is not you, fear not) and I do have a great relationship with. But I know that if I do speak up, I will be pegged as a bitchy, naggy person as opposed to someone who has a real issue. My relationship with the person will be strained, to say the least. I know I am an irritable person by nature, but this is a real, ever present issue that has grown in severity as time has passed.

I do not want it to be thought that I think this or any person needs to be perfect. If it was just a mistake, then it is a mistake and you move on. This is now habit, which is far worse than any one mistake could be. That being because our relationship is being strained because of it, and this person a) is to ignorant to realize it or b) could care less. Both points are very bad.

What to do? Approach and be the bitch? Or sit idly and allow myself to swallow the frustration just so things don't get strained? I really hate no-win situations. Either way I choose, I lose.

Sad indeed.


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