Friday, June 10, 2011

Doing Lines: A Downtown Experience

A couple of months ago, I found myself with a small, cheap, ultra wide angle filter. I didn't use it much, although I do love the angles and curves created by creative use of fish eye and wide angle. So tonight, I decide to take my little filter, knowing it won't do near as good a job as the actual wide angle or fish eye lens, and ran around downtown, enjoying the muggy warm weather and shooting up a storm.

My goal was never to create "the perfect photo", as none of the photos I'm about to share with you have correct histograms, some are over processed, some just aren't what a professional would call "a good photo". My goal for this shoot was to create art. Playing with "lines", as the blog post title suggests, was my first motivation. Playing with colour and continuing my education of HDR processing was second, and truthfully, having a little fun with no pressure for a great picture was a third.

The original inspiration of this shoot was from Luki Ki Fom on flickr, a talented fellow out of Japan.  This shot he took with his wonderful fish eye lens, and the lines created really make this photo "pop" for me.

Click each photo to see a larger format and title.

So, without further adieu, here is what I came up with.

There you have it. 16 shots, taken out of a 241 shot run. Some good, some not  so good, but all fun in the end. Thanks for viewing.


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