Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My online photo gallery and new stuff!

I've managed to lock down my online gallery over at the friendly site. Take a look:

As well, I'll be getting the priviledge of joining in on the fun weekly(ish) Podcast, "Blast Processing!" over at Pixel Verdict. I will have the pleasure to butt heads with two other gaming and geekstuff affectionados in Steve Power and Jon Mercer. Things that may come up in my first podcast: LA Noire, DC Comics (something major is happening), PSN downtime, the death of the blue ticket monster that is Blockbuster, and maybe, just maybe, a digital bullet shot into my head for being argumentative and a loudmouth.


Anyway, until then, go over and check some of the backlogs of some very entertaining discussions. Steve is the manager of Microplay/Jumbo in Mt. Pearl and Jon is a contributor to The Telegram and BOTH are regular contributors on If I am allowed, I will link each podcast here, but you can always get it over at their site. They have their 100th episode coming up, and I'm sure there will be some grand surprises.

Another fun thing I am involved with now is my camera club, Camera 35. Go on over to the new and improved website, and check out some of the fantastic works from some incredibly talented and great people. Hell, if you are interested in joining us, contact us at, we'd love to meet you. we have our year end meeting coming up next Thursday, and we also have one major outing planned for over the summer to St. Mary's. If you have an interest in photography at all, this is the place to be. It's a wonderful learning environment for newer photogs (such as myself) and it is also an creatively inspirational environment as well. (Bad english, sorry, it's late)

 With that I'm off. Check in again soon, as I start to talk about our AWESOME new AHL franchise, the St. John's/Newfoundland and Labrador Moose/Rock/Fog Devils but not Maple Leafs and their chamioning hero, Danny Williams. Also, Infamous 2 is out next week, so that'll be the flavour of the month gaming wise. As always there will be lots of fun links, argumentative commentary, and my lovely wife, and her amazing photo of a one legged seagull (LINK). :)

Love you dear!


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