Friday, January 28, 2011

Two Worlds 2: Second impressions

Ok guys, anyone out there in geekland who may be reading this, Two Worlds 2, while far superior to the original, can be a frustrating experience. Right now, I've learned that the horseback riding is still heavily flawed, the voice acting is downright awful, and the quest log in bugged. The improvements are great, but the flaws do affect the experience. I'm about 5 hours in, and the forced horseback ride to save a starving village from someone who just doesn't want to help them is really bothersome. I have quests that I've completed still in my questlog, and you know what? They may have fired the shitty dialog writer from the first game, but replaced him with an equally bad casting director.

Wait for this one guys, don't get it first day. The price will drop, like they always do for this sort of game. It's a $29.99 game, definitely not a $59.99 game.


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