Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Reality of Graphic Design

Take this from someone who's been in the biz nearly 15 years, much of this, while a little on the snarky side, is absolutely true.

It's positively sickening how little thought is put into actual graphic design and the level of skill is required to actually pull it off convincingly. I suppose it's like that for most career paths. But anyway, from this designer's perspective, the typical "ask" from a client hovers between "Try again", "Go away", "You get what you pay for", and "Impossible Utopia". Seeing this reminds me why I thank god I'm retired from freelancing. :)



  1. Freelancing killed my interest in the trade on the whole. You design something you're genuinely pleased with and the ham n eggers just want MORE INFO! MORE TEXT! and Times New Roman on white. You can do that in Word if you learn how to use a computer you moron!