Friday, January 21, 2011


Special thanks to Stephen Williams for this great post about a savage nanny. :D

c/o Jamie Pyatt, The Sun

A FRAIL elderly widow turned into superwoman to send a burglar screaming from her home by battering him with a walking stick.

Doris Thiele, 84, hit 6ft 4in Leon Ingram round the head for EIGHT MINUTES while her daughter Helen, 59, held him in a headlock.

Terrified Ingram, 34, smashed his way through the conservatory doors with his HEAD to get away. The serial burglar left a trail of blood to a nearby flat, where he was arrested.

Doris, 5ft 3in, of New Milton, Hants, said: "I hope this sends a strong message to other burglars. If someone else comes they'll get more of the same." She and Helen won police bravery awards for their actions.Heroin user Ingram - described as a "one-man crimewave" - was jailed for three years after admitting burglary at  Southampton Crown Court. He had 32 previous convictions.

Terror ... Leon Ingram

Stick it to 'em ... Doris Thiele
Stick it to 'em ... Doris Thiele

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