Thursday, January 13, 2011

Seriously? Come ON.

Not to pick up for Ron Wilson, but how does this stuff get out and why does anyone care?



(from tsn)

Ron Wilson's landmark 600th win against his former team may leave a bitter taste in his mouth.

According to a report in the Toronto Star, the Maple Leafs head coach posted an undisclosed amount of cash in the locker room prior to Tuesday's contest as extra incentive for his team to beat the Sharks.

The NHL has said that league rules were violated and, while it isn't viewed as a significant offence, the Leafs will be fined.

"If it is a violation, we will remedy it with the league," GM Brian Burke told the Star. "We'll take the money back, do whatever the league tells us to do. We have not heard anything from the National Hockey League."

Traditionally, players will post cash to a new teammate to score the winning goal when he meets his former team.

The Maple Leafs gave Wilson his benchmark victory by beating the Sharks 4-2, a game that featured a four-goal third-period rally.



Doesn't stuff like this "stay in the room" so to speak? Who cares? Who was the snitch? As a Leafs fan, I would be more concerned with the snitch than the likely $100 payoff (ie: I'll buy dinner if you win this)


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