Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The return to Blogosphere

It's been a few days since my last sitdown with a keyboard and a can of coke. In that time, I've managed to actually pick up my camera again and take a few shots (nothing spectacular, mind you), I have spent a little time working on maps again (almost prepared for the fall launch) and have gotten to enjoy a meaningless, do nothing, but fantastic long weekend.

I recently sat down with Steph and started a sit through of EVERY BONES EPISODE. For me, it started getting a little stale through season 2, but Steph likes the show so she has managed to get through to the middle of season 4. The whole Zacklash thing at the end of season 3 is well documented and worth mentioning, when a crowd favorite gets removed from the show. But, it was well done, and it keeps show watchers "guessing" as to what will happen next. David Boreanez is a great actor, knowing his character from Angel and seeing this one in Bones, as well as some of the movies he's done (Crow: Wicked Prayer, some horror flick Called Valentines Day, I believe) he has a strong range of characterization. I hope he gets to start really doing feature films soon.

We went on a nice walk in Bowring Park with the cameras and a light mood Monday past. I got to take some shots of flowers and ducks, the usual stuff from the park. I think that a part of why I've gotten a little tired of taking photos is because of the painfully limited amount of things I can do. I have the two lenses, the 50mm 1.8 prime and the 35-80mm multi purpose lense. I want ZOOM. I can't have it yet. :( I have a wedding coming too, I have to find myself some zoom capabilities.

In gaming, I picked up my copies of Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions and NHL 11 tuesday past. NHL is NHL. Not much to talk about there beyond some fun, new rosters and basic updates over last year. There is the "Ultimate Hockey Team" thing, which masks the fantasy draft and custom team thing with opening packs of hockey cards. Intresting, but done before. Still, I LOVE hockey, so I like it.

Spider-man is, so far, a basic beat em up with the fun elements of 4 different Spider-men to play. To be honest with you, I get more a feel of Spider-man: Friend of Foe, than my personal favorite, Spider-man: Web of Shadows. Friend or foe being the family friendly easy to play with little or no depth style game, and Web of Shadows essentially being Grand Theft Spidey, an open sandbox styled world with lots to do. The levels in Shattered Dimensions are linear, which is fine. The graphics are different for each world of Spider-man. The Noir world is nothing short of inspired, and the 2099 world is stunning. The standard spider-man and the "ultimate" world are pretty basic looking and so far not very impressive to me. The cell shading gives a cartoony style look, which I sadly do not prefer in this instance.

I did play through Dead Rising: Case 0. I LOVED Dead Rising (see my post on an unhealthy affinity to the undead) so this was a real treat for me. It isn't long at all, but worth the 5 dollar download. It's more of the same, but that means more of the awesome. :D Saving survivors, ridiculous weapons (Why is there a broadsword rack in the hunting store???) and a ridiculous premise that bee stings turn you into zombies, but the game is just plain fun. Chopping zombies to pieces like they are butter is just fun. BTW: The producers telling us that this bridges Dead Rising 1 with Dead Rising 2 is a FARCE. Beyond a few lines of text in the intro movie, there is nothing that suggests the first game in the least throughout the whole thing. Not a big deal, but not really as advertised. It could simply have been done in the sequel rather than using it as a selling point for this game.

Has anyone noticed anything of real interest coming to TV in the fall? Beyond "The Cape", a sure fire cancellation show for NBC, I really haven't seen much to get excited about. Many of "my shows" aren't back this year, as 24, Heroes, and Lost are all off the schedule. Do I care for my daily dose of CSI? Meh. I'm sure Bones will now be a show I watch (see above) but outside of that, nothing. If anyone sees anything I might like, let me know! :D

THat is it for this week.


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