Thursday, September 2, 2010

DING! 50000. 50245 to be exact.

Just broke 50000 gamerscore! Apparently, the final boss fight in Two Worlds is worth 370 gamerscore, so I blew past 50000 without breaking a sweat.
Check out Two Worlds, BTW. Steve, thanks for putting me onto it. I enjoyed it immensely, especially since I only paid $3.99 for it. Lots to do in the game still if I so choose, 160 gamerscore left (based on visiting everywhere in the game and levelling) but I doubt I'll get all of those.

I'll post a review of the game proper soon.

In short, I enjoyed this game as much as Oblivion and Divinity 2, but not near as much as Dragon Age. All four have graphical issues, with Two Worlds having the worst. Oblivion I played and enjoyed, but didn't see in it what most others saw. Divinity 2 and Two Worlds I felt like I'd found little treasures and enjoyed. Dragon Age, while ugly, was a well put together game, through and through.


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