Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Newfoundland Weather Bomb... the Igor. As well, other stuff.

If you live in Newfoundland all you've heard about over the past 2 days is "Hurricane Igor". Now, truth be told, this is a major happening for us here on the rock simply because hurricanes typically do not make it to Newfoundland. With a combination of them typically starting so far south and our "blessing-curse" in the Labrador Current, really bad weather doesn't really make it here. So, for some reason, Igor managed to pull it off and lay waste to the province. Lots of trees blown down, siding ripped off of houses, garbage cans thrown for a loop, ya know. (Thank GOD I didn't live in one of the trailer parks... that combined with my luck would have been a sure fire recipe for a twister!!!)

One thing that amazed me was the sheer volume of people outside, running around in a hurricane WITH CAMERAS! The thought crossed my mind, until I saw so many other people doing it, I felt I wouldn't get any real genuinely good photos. The storm couldn't have been THAT BAD I guess. :P

Now, knock on wood, nothing of major consequence happened for me. THANK YOU JESUS! No leaks, cracks, drips, squeeks, or power outages. I even got off work early. Best of luck to those not so lucky, hopefully things will work themselves out.

When I got home early this week, I put in my copy of Bioshock 2. With the little drop of "hon, all the games you play look the same" put in my head from my wife, I decided to step away from 3D action and tried out some first person shooter with a twist. Now typically, I HATE 1st person games, as they all really do feel the same to me. I played the first Bioshock and strangely enjoyed it, with the twist being the biotic powers derived from plasmids you inject during the game. You can then, say, use your electrical powers to charge water that the baddies are rushing though, killing them. Use your environment, use your gun, not bad. The atmosphere of the game is a real seller, with you running around a failed undersea Utopia, with all the other folks who have shot up too many plasmids and gone crazy. Bioshock 2 is really just an extension of the first game, with little changed. Still a decent gaming experience though.

>>Side note: I have just heard Copperhead Road on K-rock for what feels like they millionth time in the past two weeks. I wish I could change the channel but it's the only station outside of VOCM and VOWR that we can get here at work!!!<<

I finished off the latest Mass Effect 2 download as well, Lair of the Shadow Broker. It was a very interesting piece of gaming, with the outcome of the DLC actually affecting the story of Mass Effect 3 when it comes out. Very intriguing. It was a typical run through of lots of guys with guns and Biotic Powers, like most of the rest of the game, but it's such a GOOD GAME... as noted by IGN when they placed it on the #1 game on XBox 360 pedestal. The depth and scope of storytelling in this title is unparalleled by any game I've ever played, not even Final Fantasy was able to give me such a feeling of immersion. Amazing.

I've started planning for the CAPA Photo submissions for the fall. The first contest, entitled Well Aged, is going to be a tough one. I have a few ideas, but getting the photos will be tough, given the subjects I have in mind. I'll let you know how it goes. :) Hopefully my photos will be chosen to go this year.

Ok, back to work. See you next time!


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