Friday, September 10, 2010

Defending Greg Wyshynski

Now, for all the fun I have here blogging, I do not have any illusions of grandeur in the thoughts that maybe I'm a journalist. I'm VERY FAR FROM IT. I'm a blogger, an inconsistent, difficult to follow sort of man who verbally vomits thoughts about photography, sports, and video games when his schedule and mindset permits. I like to emulate some of the wittiness displayed by a certain sports journalist, Greg Wyshynski, of Yahoo Sports. I'm not sure that he is an official journalist, but he does blog about Hockey. A lot. He also shares his opinions on everything from hockey to movies to video games. If you are a twitter user, some of the stuff that pops out of his feed is absolutely priceless. You never know what is going to come next.

Granted, for some things, I wrinkle my brow and wonder what special stuff he's been smoking today, but that is the plight of an opinionated person sharing his thoughts with the world.

This past week, a fellow by the name of Dan Ellis, the "backup" goalie for the "why is hockey here" Tampa Bay Lightning, decided to start ranting on his twitter feed. Dan had quite the following on Twitter, some 11000 plus in actual fact. He was a little off the wall, comparing a hockey player to a specialist (I bet he mixes cheese and crayons for fun, and likely would cross the streams if he were a ghost buster) but otherwise was a harmless twitter shitter. That was, until he started complaining about money. Read on, and be forewarned for a parental advisory. Parents, be advised to watch your language around the youngin's when you read this:

While I can appreciate some of this, as in "Money doesn't make life better", he really went about a very toolish way of saying it. IMO, he should really get off of his "white-horse-of-I-know-better" and think about what he is saying. Right in the middle there, I think he kinda did say "whoops, people will get pissy about this" to himself and tried to recover. However, all he did was alienate himself more and more, as the following twitter shitters displayed with their scathing and somewhat humerous retorts, trending the topic "#DanEllisProblems":

Anyway, to the point of this blog, Greg Wyshynski wrote his opinion on this one, as it really was something that said "Wyshynski will eat this for breakfast". Do read this link, as it's a hoot.

Goalie Dan Ellis discovers lack of sympathy for whiney millionaires

In usual Wyshynski flare, he really lays it on Ellis, with good reason. However, for some reason, some folks turned on him when Mr. Ellis decided to shut down his twitter account. For some reason, Wyshynski felt it necessary to pull his punches a little and butter over some of his comments, saying he wasn't trying to chase Ellis off of twitter, but to help him realize he was harming his reputation with stupid comments. Read below:

Tampa goalie Dan Ellis leaves Twitter, and it's for the better

Well, in my opinion, people should back off Greg. He's just a guy on the web paid to get people to read him, and he does a very good job of that. Find him on twitter. He's worth the follow. Read his Puck Daddy column. It does at a light side to what has become a very shallow, money driven sport like hockey. He's genuine and you can be sure you are reading what he is actually thinking, of that there is no doubt. On top of it all, HE WAS RIGHT. Ellis was BEING A DICK. He went off his pills for a night and forgot he shouldn't alienate the people who like him. Greg commented on it, said what most of us were thinking about it, and gets called a douchebag and a tool. On top of it all, he DID DO what he said he did in his watered down retort. He never took a personal shot at Ellis once, unlike many other people did.

Twitter and it's kin are places where people will say what they want to a public forum. When someone from the general public says something, it's ignored as stupidity and everyone move on. Myself being case-in-point #1 with this blog. But when someone who is a public figure, especially one making millions of dollars, speaks out saying "poor poor pitiful me" concerning the millions he makes, it will get scrutinized. It will get torn to pieces. These people have the right to say it. I'm in no way saying that they do not. HOWEVER... be prepared for the fallout. Don't blame someone like Greg Wyshynski for it or any of your troubles.

I always have trouble ending chats like, I end up talking in circles. so I'll end that there.

Anyway, enjoy your day and hope to see you soon.

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