Thursday, September 2, 2010

A little about inspiration.

Inspiration is one of the most wonderful things in the world. It makes you feel amazing, it makes you smile, it makes you productive. It is something to painfully lacking in this world that I believe that it is more valuable than gold, platinum, and equal in value to even love.
To be inspired is to be something special. What inspires us? Well, for me, it can be something as simple as a great new song or a fantastic new photo. It drives me to want more and to be more, because I want to be elevated to that level of inspiration all the time.Being in the business of creativity, inspiration for me has to be something VERY interesting to get me to do something unique and different. Far too often, I find myself using the same letter styles, the same borders, the same little "tricks" to get my work out a little faster. But every so often, I'll see that something special and say "oh", and go into a designing ferver, trying to create something that makes me feel that same "inspirational" level.
Here are a few things that have inspired me in the past.

Big Sugar - All Hells for a Basement
To me, this song just "bleeds" cool. I sat in my car with a smile on my face when I first heard it. I could care less what the song was/is about. I just love that guitar riff.

Greg Capullo artwork featuring Spawn

Now, I'm a tried and true Todd Mcfarlane fan, reading his Spider-man comic books back when the world was in a fit for comics back in the early 90's. But Capullo took the character of Spawn and really breathed a new life into him, taking an almost homage-like style of Mcfarlane's and adding an almost fluidity of natural emotion. This is very hard, given that this character really isn't that deep.


A Lovely Sunset By Jennifer Wells

Lens baby shot by Geoff Holden

I used to use photography as a vessel to channel inner turmoil, but now it has become something so much more to me. I've mentioned Jenn and Geoff a few times through this blog over the past year or so, and to be honest, their work and others from the camera group I became involved with, Camera 35, has driven me to become so much more than I ever was before when I handled those fenangled little black boxes that capture life so eloquently.


My wife.

Stephanie has done so much more me in my life. She's been there for me through thick and thin, she's shown me life and hope. She's loved me and still does. (Boy have I got her fooled!!!) Pictured here is her, in all her lovely self on her wedding day.

Well, those are just a small smattering of things that bring life to me and a sparkle to my eyes. Far too often, you see people walking around, looking like they have no life or love or any joy at all, simply living out their days til death takes pity on them. Don't be a gray soul, be a lively soul and take some joy in life. You only get one. :)


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