Monday, September 27, 2010

My first 0 out of 10 based on FRUSTRATION


Now I do not consider myself to be any sort of professional reviewer in any way. I'm just a guy who wastes time on his breaks writing about what he does in life which happens to include gaming. There are many out there who do this in a more professional sense, even make a living from it. I am, however, part of the core audience that game developers target when the build a game that isn't Mario. I buy games, I play games, I fill their pockets with lots of dollars and do so
willingly and wantingly. So, when I feel it absolutely necessary to truly lay hate on a game, someone out there should listen. I know games, I know good and bad, I just can't put it into words well enough to make it worthwhile doing for a living.

The game in question is Bioshock 2.

"Let's fuck with him a little more daddy!"

I picked up this title a week or so ago when it went on special at Wal Mart for 19 dollars. Not a bad deal at all for what should have been a "AAA" title. I had the title back in the spring but never got into it so I traded it, and regretted until I picked it up recently. The original game, Bioshock, was a game that had me doing something I generally don't do, playing a first person shooter. It had a fantastic premise, incredible atmosphere, and all around high production values. Bioshock 2 was a true extension of that. The game engine was left mostly untouched, there were just a few tweaks on gameplay in general. The game itself, for the most part, is a better game with a touch of "been there, done that".

So, there is multiplayer added to this one, something that you truly do not need to play to get some enjoyment out of the game. If you were to play the single player levels through, you are looking at about 10 to 12 hours, should you try and be a completionist. Here's the catch though. For all the joy and wonderment you may get from romping around the dead world of Rapture, it all goes to waste because of one STUPID glitch.


In the last level, that being level 9, 12ish hours past where you start, you enter a holding cell area. In said area, you are asked to look through each cell for a passcode to get you into the office where the big baddie for the level is held up. As you enter cell #2, the door closes behind you, leaving you in darkness. You turn around, as you hear the door slam, and that's it. You are left in darkness, not story based, just a glitch that prevents you FROM EVER FINISHING THE GAME should you not have a save file to go back to (which, sadly, I do not). I shot enough hot plasmid fire, lightning, hot bullets and rockets at the door to start a tectonic plate shift and the door simply would not open.

For a game with such a high profile to be so broken is unforgivable. I researched this problem on the net and many other folks have run into the same problem, with no solution save for reloading. I went to the tech forums for the game and no solution was easily found. (I didn't want to waste more than an hour or two looking). If anyone out there in game land were aware of a solution for this issue, PLEASE pass it along as apparently, I'm right near the end of the game!!!! If there is no solution, then this game gets my very first....


I cannot recommend a game in the least if it really is this broken. If it CAN be fixed, it gets 8 out of 10.


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