Friday, February 18, 2011

Update on Footwear Photography, Fighting the Block, and more music.

I was able to start fresh with this photo and get it to work a little better (thanks for the tips Geoff!). I call it "Pop Took Me Skating". I duotoned over top of a HDR processing and it gives me a feeling of a very old, high contrast photo. I wanted to add dust and scratches, but in the end felt that may have been a little too much, so  skipped it.

This will be a little more like a personal journal entry next, feel free to skip.

The block is still there, photography feels like work to me. I have to work hard just to force out one or two shots that look good to me. But I do feel better about shooting these days. I just need a little inspiration.

Journal entry ended.

I've been listening to that song I mentioned a few posts back, Being Here by The Stills, and it really isn't an uplifting song. It's masked with wonderful guitar hooks but the lyrics are very very dark. Skip the rest of the album, too. It just isn't very good. In many instances, it tries to be good, channeling Steve Miller as best as it can. However, the songs sound "independent", and will only appeal to a real niche audience.

So, I moved onto the next "found" band. Danko Jones. (is he a solo? Or is it a band? Not sure) Take a listen to Active Volcanoes and Full of Regret. Great tunes.
Very HYPER. As well, a couple of bands I started listening to recently, Rev Theory and Pop Evil warrant listening to as well. Rev Theory's HELL YEAH and Pop Evils 100 in a 55 are particularly good.

See ya next time.


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  1. Awesome tunes man! Thanks for sharing, I just downloaded a few of those from iTunes