Monday, February 7, 2011

Carcassonne: A Thinking Man/ Woman's Game


This past weekend, a couple of friends introduced my wife and I to Carcassonne. It's a very interesting tile based game based on city and road building. Originally, I tried a demo on Xbox Live and truthfully, didn't like it very much given I truly didn't understand the concept very much. (Gronk CHRIS!)

The first game we played with our friends lasted quite a bit of time, but truthfully, it was over a glass of wine and there was a little "learning" involved, given my wife and I had never truly played beyond that demo I mentioned. This was a great evening indeed, given the game encourages conversation on what to do in game and it generally is a social type game as well.

Last night, I grabbed the game off of Xbox Live with it's expansions and gave her a whirl again. This time, it was great. Steph and I played through a half dozen games or more (she literally murdered me 3 times over!) then we played the computer a bunch of times together. It is a game I'd recommend to anyone who likes a good strategy game. It's well played, and truthfully is very simple to learn.

Check it out.


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