Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Islanders, Playoffs, one conscious thought... who went mad?

Quoted from CBS Sports:

"Though making the playoffs still seems like a stretch for the New York Islanders, they are certainly playing like a postseason contender.
The Islanders look for a third straight victory Tuesday night when they visit the Toronto Maple Leafs, also desperate to move into playoff position."

So... who else thought that this phrase might never have been spoken again? Personally, I simply don't care. They are my team, I'll watch no matter what. If they make it, and win, great! WOO! Suck it blue. If they don't, there'll be next year. But it sure is getting to be fun to watch hockey again.

As I noted last post: Please, Al Montoya work out. So far, he has. 4 games, GAA of 1.23-ish, 1 shutout, 1 single goal game, and something unknown to Islanders fans in a while, stability.

I mentioned to @mattclasuen over twitter the other day, "Boy it's fun to be a fan again". Man, isn't it. Averaging 5 goals a game, a goalie playing for it all, and the comfort of knowing that the team has gelled into something exciting and fun to watch. Nay sayers, I got two words for ya:

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