Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thank you readers! (Coleco Printable Devils, Penguins, Capitals, Jets, Canucks, Blues)

Well, it's basically been a year since I started blogging. (Give or take a week or so)

So let's say the anniversary is today. :)

Thanks to you, the reader, I now am more confident in my speech. I may not have grown as a writer in anyway, but I have grown as a person. This is all because of you. I'm not afraid to share my thoughts, either here or out in the real world. I now have friends spanning the continent. I have somewhere to complain about the ISLANDERS! :D

In checking my stats, I notice this blog is getting 1000+ hits a month on average since October of last year. Not bad, given I only advertise it to my 50 facebook friends and 35 or so followers on Twitter. Apparently, I have something worth looking for. :) Yay me.

As a thank you, I'll be posting the remainder of the Coleco decals here. To make sure people find them, I'll put team names in the key words and the title. I just now notice the blues team I have isn't a good scan. I'll skip that one until I find a better one.

With those, that's it for printable players. Anything else available is simply a custom jobby or a real old team from the time of tin players (Pre 1972 I believe) That's a little out of my era. If you want them though, I'll galdly make them upon request. Anytime you see a newer era expansion team like Tampa or Columbus, it is not genuine and a custom job only.

Until next time, laters!



  1. Do you happen to have the Sabres? I don't think I saw that one in the mix. My daughter loves the Sharks, but of course that's new school. I created an updated Penguins team based on the decals you posted. I'm not graphic artist, but I think it turned out OK. (I'm a huge Pens fan, but I much prefer the gold unis over the 80s version.)

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the Jets!!!