Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top 10 Songs That Will Restore Your Faith in Rock 'n' Roll

You know, most modern rock acts are pretty terrible. You look at the Simple Plan clan (them and their clones), the Theory of a Deadman and Nickelback clones (Nickelback isn't THAT BAD but still aren't that great, but I HATE Theory of a Deadman). With major acts that we grew up with like Van Halen and Aerosmith all but dead now, what do we have to look forward to in good driving music and fist pumping action anymore? Well, these 10 songs will restore your faith in the land of ripped denim jeans. No, Lenny Kravitz. Rock and Roll is NOT dead.

10. C'Mon C'Mon - Def Leppard
To Star our countdown, we have the rebirth of one of our favorite late 70's- 80's acts, Def Leppard. Through much of the 2000's, this band toiled in bad CD/ Greatest Hits hell. In 2009, they released "Songs From the Sparkle Lounge", a hugely popular and well put together disk filled with great guitar licks. This is the second song released from the album. Check it out.

9. Misery Business - Paramore
Coming in at 9 in our countdown is the only female led act with Paramore.

8. 100 in a 55 - Pop Evil
At. Number 8 we have the slowest tune in our countdown, 100 in a 55 by Pop Evil. Labelled the best thing to come out of Michigan since the automobile and Kid Rock. Well, Kid Rock... not so good. These guys, they are AWESOME. The entire album that this came from, Lipstick on the Mirror is fantastic.

7. Full of Regret - Danko Jones
At number seven, we get the first of our solo acts, the heart attack rock of Danko Jones. Full of Regret appeared in the soundtrack of this year's #1 hockey video game, NHL11.

6. Ghost - Slash
The newest track of our countdown, this song comes from ex Guns 'n' Roses, ex- Velvet Revolver guitarist virtuouso Slash. On vocals for this tune we get Ian Astbury of the newly reformed Cult. Great tune and getting heavy radio play here in Newfoundland.

5. Sugar - Les Respectables
Here we have the first and only Canadian act of our countdown. This band is out of Montreal and has a strong "bluesy, southern" style of music. Others to check out from these guys include "Sweet Mama", "Got more than I wanted" and "Devil in the Launderette".

4. Airborne - Runnin' Wild
The heir apparents to ACDC out of Australia, you'll definately hear their #1 influence of ACDC in their music. This tune is an amazing driving tune. Loud and strangely good for sing along.

3. Hell Yeah - Rev Theory
Easily one of my favorite tunes to come out of 2010, Hell Yeah, featured in WWE PPV commercials in mid 2010 has a fast pace, and fits right in next to Airborne as one of the BEST driving tunes to come out in years.  Take a listen, you won't regret it.

2. Wheels - Foo Fighters
Who doesn't have a great memory of a Foo Fighters song? This song in particular means a lot to me, with it's meaning to me being recovery, finding success after a great failure in life. "When ya feel like it's all over, here's another round for you, when the wheels come round". Soak in the fantastic lyrics, and amazing guitars. Just a perfectly created rock tune. A favorite of mine on Rock Band as well.

El Numero UNO: Push Push Lady Lightning - Bang Camaro
This song dates back a little bit to 2007, but it still rocks the world with it's sheer amazing guitar prowess. There is little in the way of lyrics, but it's really the guitars that do the singing here. I first heard this tune as a secret track back in Guitar Hero 2.
This song lives up to it's billing as THE song to restore your faith in Rock 'n' Roll, and goes further. It's unique, and even interesting to listen to. This is a song like no other, hence it's claiming the number one spot.

Hope you liked the countdown. A non hockey post, strange these days. :) Sucks to your rap and country, LONG LIVE ROCK!


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