Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sports Article titles: The Largest Pile of "Well Duh" ever written

"Red Wings aim to even series with Sharks in Game 6"

... well duh.

"Jays target victory over the Yanks at Rogers Centre"

... um... isn't that their job?

"Isles seek win at MSG against rival Rangers"

... isn't this DNA encoded?

"Romero aims to be better after last start"

... wasn't that a given?

Aren't the people who write these articles professionally trained journalists? Sports writers in general do their work quite well. Guys like Chris Botta, Darren Dreger, Nick Kypreos, et al are wonderful reads on their worst days. They are insightful, rarely off the mark and easy to follow. But what the hell is with the generic fill in titles? It's almost like the cliches hockey player quote time and again when they can't think of what to say other than "uh" or "uhm". On that point, aren't most hockey players terrible interviews? Nice guys, yes, but most everyone I watch or hear is like a recording, chopped up, moved around, and taped together with "uh"'s.

Come on TSN, Sportsnet, and whoever else is writing this stuff. Be better than this.


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