Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let The People Decide: AHL Hockey

Let the people decided if they want to pay the $500000 subsidy, not an ignorant politician.

There are many examples of how governments are willing to pay out for all forms of business in the past. So I put it out there, let us all decide. Put it to a vote. If you want the province to pay a subsidy for professional hockey to return to Newfoundland, then vote yes. If you don't, then vote no.

Obviously, this will never happen. But there are other options:

A) There are 500000 plus people who live in the province. $1 per person. Easy math, very affordable. Hell, make it 2 dollars a person, to make sure this happens.

B) A tax on the sale of tickets for games. This basically takes the responsibility out of the hands of people who don't want or don't care about professional hockey in Newfoundland and into the hands of people who do. I would gladly pay as much as $5 extra per ticket. At 6250 seats per game, thats $31,250 raised per game, at at 40 games in a season, that totals $1,250,000 per season. If we land a playoff team, that number simply goes up. Keep the excess for future seasons, within 5 seasons it'll be a forgotten issue.

C) Danny paying out of pocket. As a supporter of someone who made my province a "have" province, I think this is unfair, but an option none the less.

The one thing I want to see, above all, is to have the AHL back in Newfoundland. Let's make that happen.


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