Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 Voter Turnout up, but still sadly low


From Global News

Editor's Note: this story has been updated to reflect new voter turnout rates.

TORONTO - Canada has a dramatically new political landscape, after voters managed to turn right and left at the same time in the 41st general election.

Elections Canada reported 61.4 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots in Monday's election, according to preliminary results Tuesday morning.

That’s not the lowest turnout ever recorded, Elections Canada's historical data shows.
In the last general election in 2008, turnout was just 58.8 per cent.

Voter turnout has been falling steadily in every election since 1979. Before the 1972 election, turnout often reached 79 per cent.

The 1958 election that brought John Diefenbaker to power had the nation's highest-ever turnout, at 79.4 per cent.


While a positive turn in voter turnout, it is still shockingly low given the stakes.


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