Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25th, Part Deux

So today is a much better day than many before it. I have really been feeling burned out with work. We got really busy far earlier than we were used to this year (our busy season usually hit AFTER May 2-4). I was falling behind. Due to the day off for everyone that wasn't paid, I decided to go in and make up the time rather than go a day without pay. (briefly mentioned in last post). I did what felt like 4 days worth of work in 6 hours. It was insane, I was in the zone. Now, after some r n r time and getting that work done, I feel like a million bucks.
I had a wonderful photo shoot out in Foxtrap on the main highway (I'm pretty sure it was foxtrap, may have been Long Pond) Saturday past. It was a little chilly but not bad for the time of year. The shoot is aptly named "Weeds" as it was mostly of a little weed pond right no the main CBS Highway. Funny though, the best shot I got out of it all was a quick image from the other side of the road, of a little red well. I would have shot it a little closer, but it was private land and it seems every fool up that way with a plot of land seems to want to have a gigantic guard mutt. I'm really feeling the pinch of a less than stellar zoom lens. :(
As you can see, it is still a relatively nice scene, with the red bard and the ocean in the background. Thank you Photoshop for letting this look a little warmer too. :)

I recently just learned how ignorant I've been to lens quality and information as well. On each lense it has the f-stop listing. The lens I used for this shoot, the kit lens which has a 18-55mm with f4-5.6, I had been shooting away with and kept wondering why my shots which looked GREAT through the viewfinder were coming out less than stellar. I'd shoot something at f32 with a shutter speed of say 10. In the viewfinder I'd see this great image of whatever I was shooting with the background neatly blurred out and a crisp view of the focus of the shot. I'd look at that same shot after and it would all be in focus and the image would only be "ok". Well, this is BECAUSE THE LENS CAN ONLY DO F4-5.6 APPARENTLY. My blatant ignorance... gah.

In gaming, lending credence to "the only story you need in a video game is 'sorry Mario, the princess is in another castle'", Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been worldly renowned, given 100% scores by many, MANY legitimate media outlets. In hearing this, my wife decided to go out and get it, hence I shall lose my gaming time for the foreseeable future, as both the Wii and 360 reside upon the same, unfortunately non-HD television. She sat down with it Sunday and hasn't looked back. The game is interactive for a viewing party, such as myself as I can assist Mario by grabbing stars and freezing baddies so he has a slightly easier time of things. Visually it's basically the same as the first, but it's quite imaginative and very different than most any game I've ever experienced. Go Nintendo, for pushing the envelope.

I still did get a chance to try out a couple of games the weekend, Red Dead Redemption for 360 and Neir for PS3. To be honest, I just didn't like either of them, as I really am not into cowboys and indians (sorry RDR, otherwise you are a good game!) and Neir is pure generic fantasy action with no real redeeming or memorable qualities. I was actually hoping to get my hands on a copy of Heavy Rain, but sadly the rental at Rogers was out. :( NEXT TIME, GADGET! NEXT TIME!

I haven't played Alan Wake since the second day I got it. I got a little discouraged by how difficult it can get, so I put it away so I wouldn't start to hate it. Once my wife is done with her Mario fix (they typically only last a few days) then I will likely put it back in. I still have to finish Final Fantasy 13, Bioshock 2, Dark Void, Bionic Commando... oh the list goes on and on. I love being a gamer. :)

That's it this day, good readers. Soldier on and make it to yet another, far too short weekend. :)


PS: Isn't it great at how the saltiness of a nacho goes SO WELL with a well made pot of chili?


  1. Chris, about the lenses...
    When the lens says f/4-5.6 that's just the maximum that the lens can do (smallest number). Your camera won't let you set an f-stop that you can't use.
    The issue is that when you're looking through the viewfinder, the camera is always using the largest f-stop. When you set it to a larger number like f/16 you'll get a less blurred background. Also when you get into the really high numbers like 27 or 32, you can also lose some sharpness there due to diffraction, because the hole is just so small.

    I'm probably not as clear here as I could/should be, but drop by the house sometime, or ask me at Camera 35 and I can try to do better.

  2. Jenn set me straight (or as straight as I can get starting out) on this tonight (and mentioned you commented on this)... I still have a lot to learn. Oh hobbies... :) Thanks Geoff.