Sunday, May 2, 2010

Final Fantasy 13... further impressions, & GPS maps

I finally made it out of the dreaded "30 hour" trench run in Final Fantasy 13 and I gotta say, the only part I found "bad" about it was the first 10 or so hours. The next 16 hours (as I did the run in about 26 hours, not 30) was quite entertaining. My favorite character in the game was originally Vanille, as she was kind of like a light in a gloomy, dreadful world. Now it is Fang, as she is quite the bad ass with some serious fighting skills.

I do wish that the trench run was shorter, I think that about 10 to 15 hours would have done fine in setting up story and building characters, but in general, I do feel better about playing this game than any of the previous couple of games. FF12 got pretty overwhelming, FF 11 was simply stupid World of Warcraft in gay tights, and FFX was really confusing. This one, while it has it's faults, gets to be quite an experience.

The battle system gets to be fun after you can have 3 members in your battle team as opposed to 2 for the first bit. The combination of skills and abilities makes for a great light show and you feel like you are actually doing something rather than just menu surfing like other RPG's. The eidolons, or summons, really aren't that useful, as I tend to not even bother with them when I fight. (I noticed that was the same in 12 as well). They aren't the be all end all like they were in Final Fantasy 7 (still the most awesome of the series). I still remember Ifrit in FF7 for the first time and saying "wow".

The story is pretty convoluted, but not near as bad as say... Final Fantasy X. Lots going on, strange terms, names, et al. But... It starts to make sense when they drop in story elements here
and there. When you finally reach Grand Pulse, you will have a good idea as to what is going on and what to do.

I will post more thoughts on my next blog post sometime this week.


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