Thursday, May 27, 2010

Deciding on what to get next for the camera

(Feel free to skip this post if you aren't into photography)

I'm here now looking at what could possibly be the two most useless websites ever, Phototec's and Newfoundland Camera's. If I were to go by what the site has, neither store carries anything other than UV and Polarizing filters and $1000 lenses.

I've decided to go with filters first, as lenses are freakin' expensive. I think a lense is going to be a once at a time, maybe once every 6 to 10 month expenditure, unless I find some sort of fantastic used deal. I really want a better zoom lens, as all I have right now is the kit 18-55mm and a 35-80mm. I find I like the 35-80 better, the shutter speed is nice and I like the higher zoom.

So, back to filters. I want a Macro Filter and a Neutral Density filter to start off with. I can buy them locally at a relatively inexpensive price, or get them off of ebay for a super cheap price, but risk getting burned with either a poor quality filter or not having it show up at all. (I currently have 3 different ebay auctions that have never shown up). The neutral density effect on running water is something I truly love. There are different grades of ND filters, with an ND4 seemingly being the most common. The Macro Filter is something to behold for me as well. I absolutely LOVE macro photography (see some of my previous posts). After we get the house painted, the next step is to start putting prints up around the place, and a BUNCH of them will be Macro shots.

If any of my readers are photographers and are willing to sell any old lenses they may have, let me know! I'm not above owning a used lens. :) You likely know how to contact me so gimme a call or an email and we'll work something out.

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