Friday, April 23, 2010

Taking a Sick Day is Hardly Worth It

I don't know about many of you who actually get the privilege of a paid sick day, but you know what? They aren't worth it. Most people who hover around my age are typically people in positions of importance these days. If you take a day off sick, be it for sickness or pain or whatever, yes, you get your day, BUT, you have to deal with all the CRAP that goes with it when you get back. The pile of work built up from not being at your desk. The letting people down because you just can't get things done when they need them because you are a day behind. The HATED feeling that people think you were faking.

I'm never taking a sick day again. If my back is this bad again, I guess I'm damned. I'll roll myself in with a wheel chair if I have to.

Oh yes. Let's not get into the people you have to put off should you decide to try and make up the time rather than using the sick day. :(


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