Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photography... what to shoot next?

Well, given the landscape of St. John's and surrounding area (dead looking trees and fog) it makes it a little difficult to find things to take pictures of, given the limitedness of Newfoundland in general. (BEFORE ANYONE GETS MAD AT ME FOR SAYING THIS... READ ON). Where Newfoundland is an island, AND my limited means of transit (I very rarely get to vacation as I am poor), I pretty much get St. John's and surrounding area as my palette. Right now, I have taken more pictures in Bowring park than anyone I know. I could create a VR tour of the place. Downtown/ Signal Hill is done to death. I have covered Torbay, topsail Beach, Paradise, Mt. Pearl, and parts of CBN (which is an hour's drive away or more). Much of the landscape is very similar too, so a lot of my older shots look like retreads.

Part of me wants to start a full catalogue of shots, starting in the east and going west. To do so would certainly help me organize myself more than I am now (with basically a directory with 50000 random photos). I started out near Middle Cove the other week with a few panoramics. That could be a starting point to a nice little journey across the Avalon Peninsula. I'll update here as I shoot.

As a gamer I'm starting to find I don't care to play games right now. I have a number of titles I can get into easily, but I'm more interested in doing other things lately. This happens to me on a yearly basis right around now. I want to go outside more now. Start taking pictures, walk, ride my grossly underused Mountain Bike. So, in this thought, gaming thoughts in general will slide more towards these things instead for a while. If anything awesome in gaming comes along, I'll certainly shout out on it. :)


Cheers to OZFM for starting to mix up their playlists recently.


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