Thursday, April 22, 2010

Playing with Macro Focus

Last fall in our Camera 35 group we had a little competition called "Fall Colours". As it turns out, I did manage to earn a first place tie in that one, with a picture that met the criteria of the judges more so than others. The thing is, my shot was by FAR not the best picture of the bunch. There were three particular shots that were so crafty and creative and really spelled out something original to me that they have since inspired me more times over than I can count.

You see, each of these pictures was shot in "Macro Focus". This means that the shot is a of something very small, like a bug, and it is brought into extreme sharp focus. Basically for me, the macro focus has been able to expand my "canvas" of thoughts for photography over the past few months. Don't think about taking a picture of that old, dead tree. Go right up next to it and take a picture of the texture of it's white trunk, and everything crawling around on it.

Here are some fun examples of macro focus. The first is the texture of a slice of white bread. The second is the tip of a tree branch. Each picture is a unique and interesting shot that you wouldn't typically look at if they were of a full slice of bread or a full tree.
I am a BIG fan of Macro Focused images.

Miss Wells, should you be reading this, I still want prints of copies of those three pictures! :)


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