Saturday, August 14, 2010

Expendables: Definition of AWESOME.

I just got out of a nearly empty theatre on a slow Saturday afternoon showing of what could likely be the movie of the summer, the Expendables.

I'm gona keep this mighty short (seemingly what I do these days) given I have to run out and talk about this movie with my friends. (Yes, Charlie Brown has friends. Ha. Ha.)

I've sat through and read some of the pretentious reviews given to this movie by people who seem to think there's something wrong with a movie with big explosions, big fights, and awesome action. Here is what I think the least pretentious thing a movie goer (me) can say about the movie, given that it's something that I said throughout the film without hesitation or concern of anyone within ear shot.

"That was awesome."

The people who were in there with me were cheering. The staff at the theatre were wooting on the action as if they were watching a hockey game. People from other showings were joining us just to see what the hell was going on!

Cycle the world, do the rounds, tell all your friends. "The Expendables" is not only a worthwhile watch, but amazingly enough, a FRANCHISE IN THE MAKING. I'll be ranting about this for weeks.







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