Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chris Bosh... what a tool.

From TSN...

If Toronto Raptors fans were put off by the way that former All-Star Chris Bosh played with their emotions this summer, apparently that was his intent.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Bosh admitted that he became tired of constantly facing questions as to where he intended to play this upcoming season, and decided to have some fun with the fans.

"If you think about how many times somebody asks you, 'How are you,' that's how many times I was asked, 'Where you going?'" Bosh told the Daily News on Wednesday. "So it's like, well, in my case, I'm going to have fun with it. I'm going to play with people's emotions. I'm going to be high and low."

Raptors fans became increasingly frustrated as Bosh sent out several mixed-messages on his personal Twitter account including asking the general public where they believed that he should play this season. Bosh of course eventually revealed that he would join Dwyane Wade and LeBron James in Miami to play with the Heat.

"I wouldn't call it a game because it's serious, but, I mean, it's entertainment at the end of the day. It's the truth," Bosh told the Daily News. "We're entertaining and everything but at the same time I'm just getting my feelings out there.

"It's entertaining to see people react to your real emotions because if it wasn't fun I wouldn't do it."

This admission will likely add fuel to the fire of an already irate Raptors' fan base who are eagerly anticipating their former franchise player's return to Toronto with his new team on February 16th 2011.


What a fucking tool. Not a big basketball fan, but this is low. Get over yourself, Mr. Bosh.


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