Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Blog time again. I must be stuck at work again.

So, I'm here, Thursday lunchtime killing off what could have been a very fun and interesting hour, but I'm stuck at work... again. Days when my wife works during the day, I get the shaft and have to spend that hour of relaxation here at my desk. Whining about it on my blog. :P


I finished up Dead to Rights Retribution last night. A fun venture, the ending was seemingly cut right out of an 80's action flick. LOVED IT. Everyone should take this game for a ride, even if it's just for a weekend. Basic fighting with a little challenge, decent graphics, and a lot of nostalgia. Anyone who is a child of the 80's owes it to themselves to try this out.

Next, onto Alpha Protocol, Alan Wake, and finishing Final Fantasy 13!


I'm actually stuck at a boss in Final Fantasy 13 right now and it is really what's keeping me from picking it up again. Proudclad (gay name, I know). He's this tank thing that is simply relentless in his attacks. I always get him to about 10% left and he goes mad. Blah. I've read a couple of strategies on the web about how to handle him, but it seems that there is no real decisive "strategy" as it seems everyone who has decided to share their wisdom in this game has done it differently. :S Sign of a good game I guess, it can be played a dozen different ways, al to get you the same result.


I'm looking at a few different sites for some nice shoots over my vacation. None too far away though. Near my folks cabin in Brigus Junction, areas around Carbonear and Clarenville, likely some spots out towards Pouch Cove. I have a slightly different perspective on things now a days, compared to when I as through these places before. I was just shooting half assed, not putting any real thoughts into composition or depth. I've learned a lot from my camera group this year.


A short one today. Talk soon.


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