Monday, August 15, 2011

Turning the page.

You know, when a day comes in your life when you feel you are turning the page, moving onto the next chapter of your life, you always take a moment to reflect back upon what has brought you here.

Throughout so many times in my life, I have felt completely betrayed, completely useless, and utterly overwhelmed. In many more instances of my life, the joys of sheer pleasure, love, excitement and exuberance far outweigh anything that may have dragged me down.

I look at some of the downs, and I know I will forever be ashamed of them. At the lowest of the low, I have tarnished my name far beyond repair, so I will always have something to make up for. I'd go into details but I wouldn't want to bother the people involved with this silly rant. Needless to say, I am sorry to each of you, you know who you are (if you are reading this). I'm doing better now, and will do my best to be better for you for the rest of my life.

I reflect upon the good in life, and truthfully have to thank the many wonderful people in my life who have cared for me through the years. Mom, dad, Andrew and Paul. You are my family and I will always be there for you as best I can. Chris, Steve, you are like brothers to me, and I thank you for that. Steph, I love you dearly. You are my friend for life and the reason I wake up every morning knowing it's going to be a great day. To anyone who I may have missed, I do think of you all and thank you all for being great friends and family.

This sounds like a bunch of drivelly soppy sap crap, I know. Feel free to roll eyes and facepalm anytime you wish. I don't care. :) It's not often you get to turn the page and begin the next stage of your life like this. The next time for me is likely decades away.

This is one of the reasons why I finally decided to shut down this blog. It's a part of the life I am leaving behind. I rant about games, movies, and Newfoundlanders. Now, I just want to enjoy things and not needlessly share an opinion that most either dislike or don't care about. I fell into that internet trap... because I suddenly had a voice for all to hear doesn't necessarily mean everybody wants to hear it. :P
There is a real and wonderful reason why all this is happening to me now, 35 years young. I look up from my messy desk, and wonder: How could this get any better? I'll tell you how. If you'll press play on the video below, and follow what dear Ms. Pink has to say and raise your glass for me because...

I'm going to be a dad.


Thank you all for reading, and check out my photo blog when I get around to updating it. It's been a blast.